is a Graphic Designer and Maker of Images with a knack for writing and research.

He’s currently a designer and curator at Lines of Sight. Recently, he has worked on a project on the ethics and politics of design (with this glossary  for an ethical/sustainable/inclusive design practice), been shortlisted for the Penguin Student Design Awards 2021, illustrated for Tandem Research’s event series on Technology & Society, worked on this proposal for a museum of design in India, the visual identity for NID’s Open Elective workshops, the identity and packaging of  a diaspora spice company,  a zine-making toolkit, the visual identity and spatial graphics for NID’s 40th Convocation, this illustration for a film review in Akademi magazine, and redesigned this book for a college project, along with co-authoring and designing this set of manifestoes with a vision for a better future.

Amogh is currrently a Master’s student at NID Ahmedabad.

Learn more ABOUT him, have a look at his WORK, or read some of his WRITING.
Have a look at some of his drawings and collages in his SKETCHBOOK.


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