Sometimes I write. Mostly about design. Here is a selection of some recent work. 


Designing Drawing Curriculum: Inquiries into Design as Authorship

Master’s Thesis, 2021-22
National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. 
(Available on Request)
A collection of inquiries into the design process on seeing design as an act of authorship, and other pressing issues in the mind of a graduate design student.


The Arches in Delhi’s Lodhi Colony

Paper Planes
Article on the colossal arches in Delhi’s Lodhi Colony, looking at them beyond the popular street-art scene, as a space for residents to hang out.


Lines of Sight

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

Curatorial texts for NID’s annual design show. Co-authored with Tanishka Kachru, Sucharita Beniwal, Abhirami Suresh, Amruta Supate, Geethika Nair, and Ritika Jathar. 


A Glossary for Ethical Practice

Classroom Project
A glossary of keywords to inform a design practice that is ethical, sustainable, and liberated from the dogmas of the past.


Indian Graphic Design?

Medium Blog
What do we mean when we say ‘Indian’ graphic design? Is it the idea of designing for India, designing in India, or design from India? Essay written for a classroom project at NID.



Collaborative Manifesto, NID Ahmedabad x The Humane Project
Manifestos for a better future based on the seven key necessities for sustainable living.

Collaboratively authored with M.Des 2019, as a part of a classroom project at NID.