Graphic Designer,
among other things

WORK / design

Typesetting, visual design, and pre-press for Art India Magazine with Squadron 14.  Visual Identity, Illustration, and packaging for  Why Not?  A plant based milk brand with a fun and playful personality.   Publication design, website and art direction for Lines of Sight, a curatorial project and publication exploring shifts in ways of seeing and doing design at the National Institute of Design in the COVID years.  Typesetting and Book Interior for Bezoar Delinqxenz, a speculative fiction title that defies genres and conventions, done with Squadron 14. Visual Identity and graphic language for Design Impressions and Impacts, the 40th Convocation ceremony of NID Ahmedabad.  Visual Identity for Normative Futures, the 2021 open elective workshops programme at NID Ahmedabad. Visual identity and graphic collateral for From Where I Stand, a travelling exhibition co-curated by 20 young curators from India and Scotland.   Typesetting and Book Interior for Nervous Fossils, a novella on art freeports and inexplicable cultural phenomena, done with Squadron 14.  


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